Jeff M. Leech


As a founder and CEO of Leech Gary Asset Management, Jeff Leech has over 30 years experience in the securities business. Leech received his BA in education from Valley City State University in North Dakota and started his career as a broker, working with several small firms before entering into the NYSE, OTC share trading. During his seven-year tenure with Robert Todd Financial and Renaissance Financial, Leech was involved in all aspects of retail and corporate share trading, along with initial public offerings and secondary offerings. In April 1997, Leech left Renaissance and established JML Asset Management to handle a select group of client portfolios. Since 1997, Leech has provided his clients with above average market returns while maintaining fundamental discipline. In July 2007, Leech partnered with Nelson Gary to establish Leech Gary Asset Management. 

Nelson A. Gary


As a partner of Leech Gary Asset Management, Nelson Gary brings over 40 years experience in the securities business to the firm. Gary graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a BA in political science and started his career as a registered representative in Los Angeles as the institutional business was being defined. Over the next 10 years, Gary became head of the Institutional Department and partner in charge of the West Coast operations of Gregory Sons, NYSE firm. Over the next 15 years, Gary founded a third market firm, Gary Geyer Hill and Nadell, running the day-to-day trading and serving as chairman. Gary also ran the Institutional Trading Department of Crowell, Weedon, a regional brokerage firm. He then started an option trading fund, Prophet Trading. The following 17 years he worked for Robinson Humphrey as a senior vice president in charge of the West Coast Institutional trading. In 2007, Gary partnered with Jeff Leech to found Leech Gary Asset Management.