Your Needs

Financial Planning | Retirement | Investments | Security

You've worked hard to grow your nest egg and deserve the peace of mind that comes from diverse investments with a trusted source in the realm of personal finances. 


Through a unique integrated approach to portfolio investments an financial management, Leech Gary works directly for you. We allow your portfolio of investments to reflect your personal needs, fully incorporating your financial and tax requirements. 


Jeff Leech and Nelson Gary have over 70 years experience in professional portfolio investments, encompassing all areas of the marketplace. 

Our Goals

Superior Advice | Relationships | Uniqueness | Results

Leech Gary portfolio managers are independent and work solely for your benefit. Our managers work with a limited number of clients so that we can grow relationships with value.


We are not paid based on earning commissions from trades and money placed in certain funds, and we are not influenced by large corporate investment decisions. We work for your benefit and maximizing your returns. 


Leech Gary is a fee based only investment advisory firm.